About Me

Welcome to the Spreading Book!

I guess you’re here just to meet me.
I’m Devangi Dodiya, I have been learning according to the need of time since 1993 and walking through different grades of life which made me by education a computer engineer and by profession Internet marketer. However, there are few things that have remained the same for me in all grades and one of them is reading whether it is study reading or other. I vividly remember I have enjoyed reading other things rather than studying books.

I used to keep myself engaged in ongoing things in lieu of dedicated much towards reading. Although slowly and gradually I’ve started reading, I came across blogging as I have the worst memory, I should have something to keep note of, where I can share my book reading experience as well as useful quotes from books I read, movies based on books, and book-related deals. That is how Spreading Book has appeared unexpectedly. I have read more non-fiction books than fiction and am looking to explore more book genres. I am sure that every month at least you will find a new bookish thing here. Hopefully, I can help you to guide you about the books I read and my experience of it. Apart from this, I go out with my sisters mostly.

Moreover, I will stay active on social media to interact with great personalities who take note of books. Then, what are you waiting for? Let’s be friends over social media. 

Happy reading and spreading! 

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